For losing weight there are plenty of diet routines and exercise regimes that you can follow. But if the problem happens to be the accumulation of fat in particular areas of the body then a more precise fat reduction method like liposuction can be useful.

How is liposuction done?

Liposuction is the method where the lipids or fat deposits in the body are extracted through a fine suction probe. The procedure could be done as

  • Tumescent liposuction – where a sterile solution helps remove the fat and reduce the discomfort
  • LASER assisted liposuction – LASER beams are used to burn the fat cell wall and make the suction easy.
  • Ultra-sound assisted liposuction- the rupture of the fat cells and liquefaction of the fat cells are achieved with the help of ultrasound waves

The fat liquefying agent is injected or applied after making a small incision in the area where fats are to be removed. Once the fats are liquefied, a narrow probe is used to extract the fat cells with the help of a vacuum suction effect.

Side effects to know about

Today finding a doctor who specializes in particular fields is very easy thanks to the help of websites like mymeditravel. When you find an experienced liposuction specialist who has a good track record then you can lower the chances of the side effects caused by small errors during the procedure. The doctor would also be able to warn you about the minor side effects to know about like the ones below-

  • Minor bruising
  • Swelling
  • Heat burns when LASER or Ultrasound assisted procedures are performed.

Benefits of liposuction

  • Precise fat elimination even in the difficult areas
  • Makes it possible to deliver that firm and fit silhouette
  • Long term results
  • Quick and easy recovery after the treatment

The procedure involves only a small incision and therefore there is no worry about the formation of a visible scar.