10 Healthy Habits For Kids To Teach

It is very important that the parents inculcate good habits in their children at a young age.  Doing things on regular basis will help in turning them into habits and these habits will eventually help in building the child’s character.  

Buying them the right books to read, the right toys for their age help a great deal in nurturing them.  Check out https://www.starwalkkids.com/toys/baby/best-baby-swing-seats/ to get to know about the right toys.  Also, there a few important habits that you need to teach the kids so that they acquire the right set of skills to face the world and lead a better life. 

Eating healthy foods- From a young age, the child should be taught about the importance of eating healthy food.  

Sleeping on time- Irregular sleep time will make the child erratic and irritable.  Set up a routine for your child.

 Outdoor activities- You need to encourage your child to spend more time playing outside as physical activity will energize the child.

Washing hands before every meal- Getting rid of the germs should be given utmost priority and teach them the importance of cleanliness.

Reading habits– Reading helps the child to be more creative and imaginative.

Spending time with family– Family should spend at least dinner time together as it helps in bonding.

Tidying up the room- Train your children to put the toys back after they are done playing. Teach them to be organized from the beginning.

Using handkerchief or tissue- Teach them to use handkerchief while sneezing or coughing. Also, teach them to dispose of the tissues in the dustbin.

Restricting screen time- Children love to spend hours watching television. But you need to keep a track of the time that they  spend watching television. Watching too much of television will make them restless and lazy apart from affecting their vision. You need to make a schedule for screen time.

Importance of sharing- Most kids find it tough to share their belongings. It is very much important you teach caring and sharing their belongings. …

How to Make Your Own Re-usable Fruit and Vegetable Bags

In order to protect our environment and make it livable for our future generation we need to take the right steps now itself.  You should try to avoid using plastics as much as you can and you should resort to using reusable bags. Also, it would be great if you use high-quality bags to accessories your outfit as it will last longer and you don’t have to replace it every now and then.  Visit LuxTime to get more information about the same.  For your grocery and vegetable shopping you could easily make the bag at home, just follow the instructions given below.  

Materials required to make the bag are: 

  • Lightweight material like muslin-23 inch x 15 inch 
  • Ribbon – 1 x 75 cm 
  • Pins 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Scissors 
  • Thread 


First, you need to fold the two short edges and sew it whole way along the edges so that the top part looks tidy. Now you need to fold the top part of the edge over two cm and leave 1.5cm as seam allowance while you sew it along the edge. This is where the ribbon will go through; hence ensure that it is wide enough. 

Fold the materials into half so that two short edges will meet. The sewn side should face you.  Start sewing from the bottom of your bag and work your way up to the top through the side.  But leave 2 cm at the top as this is where you have to thread you’re the string through. Better you double stitch this part in order to strengthen the bag.  Now turn it inside out.  

Take the ribbon and attach one pin to it.  Use the pin to thread the ribbon through your bag. Tie both the ends into a knot.  Your vegetable shopping bag is ready and you could use it any time you wish.  …